Q: I would like to apply for a license. How do I get an application?

A: You may download it from the home page.

Q: I am interested in becoming a locksmith. Are there any locksmith schools in North Carolina?

A: There are no locksmith schools in North Carolina. The NCLLB does not regulate HOW you learn locksmith skills. You may learn from a licensed locksmith, attending a trade school, or by purchasing an online or correspondence course.

Q: I am interested in bringing on a locksmith apprentice, but cannot be with him at all times. What does the Board consider direct supervision?

A: The Board wants locksmiths to be able to grow their businesses. Licensed locksmiths can have up to 2 locksmith apprentices at a time, and may receive 8 hours of continuing education credit for each apprentice that becomes licensed. The Board does not expect your apprentice to be with you at all times; they may go out and do service calls at your discretion. A good measure of whether you are meeting the Board’s standard for supervision is that the licensed locksmith should know where their apprentice is and what locksmith services they are providing during business hours. The apprentice should check in with the licensee when arriving and leaving every job site.

Q: I live and work primarily outside North Carolina but sometimes provide locksmith services inside North Carolina. Do I need a license?

A: YES. If you intend to provide locksmith services in North Carolina, you must obtain a license.

Q: I am a locksmith company and have unlicensed tech’s doing lockouts. Do I need a NC Locksmith License?

A. “Lockout services” are locksmith services, and therefore require a locksmith license or locksmith apprentice license.

Q: I am interested in opening a roadside assistance company and will be providing lockout services. Do I need a NC Locksmith License?

A. “Lockout services” are locksmith services. That means you need a locksmith license to provide them, unless you fall under some very specific exemptions outlined in statute. Some roadside assistance companies are able to provide lockout services because they only take referrals from motor clubs, which are exempt from the NC Locksmith Licensing Law. However, if a roadside assistance company is advertising lockout services directly to the public, then they need a locksmith license.

Q: Where can I take the exam?

A: The exam is offered throughout the year at Community Colleges and other state agencies on a regular rotation. These exams sessions are Saturday. Please review the exam schedule here: http://www.nclocksmithboard.org/exam-information/

Q: What is on the exam?

A: General Locksmithing – 75 Questions
Automotive Locksmithing – 20 Questions
Safe and Vault – 15 Questions
Access Control – 5 Questions
Rules/Ethics/Law – 35 Questions

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NC Locksmith Licensure FAQs

The answers that follow represent the NC Locksmith Licensing Board’s interpretation of G.S. 74F and reflects the current policies and practices as of 02/15/05.