Q: I would like to apply for a license. How do I get an application?

A: You may download it from the home page.

Q: I am interested in becoming a locksmith. Are their any locksmith schools in North Carolina?

A: There are no locksmith schools in North Carolina. The NCLLB does not regulate HOW you learn locksmith skills. You may learn from a licensed locksmith, attending a trade school, or by purchasing an online or correspondence course.

Q: I live and work primarily outside North Carolina but sometimes provide locksmith services inside North Carolina. Do I need a license?

A: YES. If you intend to provide locksmith services in North Carolina, you must obtain a license.

Q: Where can I take the exam?

A: The exam is offered quarterly in conjunction with the meetings of the NC Locksmiths Association. These exams sessions are on Friday afternoon. The February and August exams are in Charlotte; the May and November exams are in Raleigh. Additional sessions can be arranged based on demand. If the website doesn’t show any exam sessions scheduled when you apply for your license, simply leave that section of the form blank. The Board staff will then contact you to enroll you in an upcoming exam session.

Q: What is on the exam?

A: General Locksmithing – 75 Questions
Automotive Locksmithing – 20 Questions
Safe and Vault – 15 Questions
Access Control – 5 Questions
Rules/Ethics/Law – 35 Questions

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NC Locksmith Licensure FAQs

The answers that follow represent the NC Locksmith Licensing Board’s interpretation of G.S. 74F and reflects the current policies and practices as of 02/15/05.