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Date: Saturday, December 3, 2016
Upcoming Course:
Safe Logic/Pro Logic L02
Number of credits: 4 contact hrs CEU/ * SecuRam Certification
Instructor’s name: Jon Jeffries
Office location: 3029 S. Main St. High Point, NC 27263
Class hours: 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Cost: 50.00 per student payment can be made by Cash or Check, Visa/Mastercard payments can be made with a 5.00 added convenience fee. **All fees due prior to start of class. Fee must be paid to ensure reserved seat.
Class size: 15 students
Last date of registration: Until Full or December 2, 2016
Phone Number: 336-431-7777
Email Address: ceuclass@nckeyman.com

Bulletin Description

Expose students to two of SecuRam safe lock systems.

Course Objectives

Students will be shown the Design, Programming and Troubleshooting procedures for the SecuRam Safe Logic and Pro Logic L02 series of safe locks.


High Country Locksmith will host a “Cylinder Servicing” class on November 8 from 8am – 12pm.

irekeylocks@hotmail.com for details


NC Locksmith Association Meeting – November 10-11, 2016 (Durham/RTP)

Contact Debbie: 910-237-0105

North Carolina Locksmiths Association, Inc.

Association of North Carolina Institutional Locksmiths – CONTACT onscilalock@triad.rr.com to register.
(ANCIL)2016 Class Schedule                                                                                                                                                                                                


Nov. 12 –      TBA


Consumers and Locksmiths Beware!

Fraudulent Locksmiths are active throughout North Carolina.

Statewide media outlets have shed light onto unlicensed locksmith work recently. Follow any of these links to see stories and videos of investigative reporting about this illegal activity.

WRAL Reports by Cullen Browder

WECT Report by Kristy Ondo

WBTV Report by Jamie Boll

Scam operations are also operating in the state selling alarm systems:

Report from Tennessee regarding APX Alarm

File an Official Complaint with:
the Attorney General’s Office

File a Complaint with:
– NC Locksmith Board